Friday Pop Quiz


“Where are you?”

Genesis 3:9



… with a twist this time… All questions are geography related!  Good luck!

1.  Where did Jesus turn away the moneychangers with righteous anger?

a.  the temple

b.  the wedding feast

c.  Capernaum

d.  the marketplace


2.  Where was the paralytic lowered through the roof?

a.  Jerusalem

b.  Cana

c.  Capernaum

d.  Antioch


3.  Name the town that rejected Jesus.

a.  Bethlehem

b.  Nazareth

c.  Bethany

d.  Bethsaida


4.  Where did the prodigal son come to his senses?

a.  in an inn

b.  in jail

c.  in a pig pen

d.  in a wheat field


5.  Where did Jesus meet the Samaritan woman?

a.  at a well

b.  in the home of Mary and Martha

c.  in the marketplace

d.  at the temple


6.  Where was Jesus baptized?

a.  the Dead Sea

b.  the Sea of Galilee

c.  at a well

d.  the River Jordan


7.  Where was the paralytic man healed while waiting for the waters to be stirred by an angel?

a.  Cana

b.  Capernaum

c.  Jericho

d.  Bethesda


8.  Where did Bartimaeus receive his sight?

a.  Canaan

b.  Nazareth

c.  Jericho

d.  Egypt


9.  Where was Jesus’ first public miracle?

a.  Canna

b.  Cana

c.  Cannes

d.  Canaan


10.  Where did Jesus calm the storm?

a.  the Dead Sea

b.  the Sea of Galilee

c.  the Salt Sea

d.  the Sea of Tiberius


Answers tomorrow!


~ “Lord, I have loved

the place where Your glory dwells.” ~

Psalm 26:8


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