All the juice that’s fit to squeeze

” your ripe produce and your juices”

Exodus 22:29



So I was juicing lemons the other day.


Why?  Because life gave me lemons.  So I was making lemonade.


I’d gotten the lemons from a friend of mine, so they were a variety of sizes, and even shapes, not all uniform like when you buy them from the grocery store.  But they are juicy and good, so I’m enjoying them.


But then I pulled an unusually large one out of the bag.  Large and elongated.  It was quite the statement piece.  My mason jar full of lemon juice was getting pretty full, and I wasn’t sure if the juice from this lemon would be too much to fit.  I only had a few left, so I wasn’t sure I wanted to start a whole new jar just for another fraction of a cup.


But you gotta do something, right?  I’ll figure it out after I’ve juiced the lemons that are left.  So I cut into this monster lemon, and see this:




That’s a lot of rind…  But I think I got about two tablespoons of juice from that lemon.  It was not at all what it appeared to be.


Just another reminder that things are not always what they seem.  Have faith and fear not!


~ “Test all things; hold fast what is good.” ~

1 Thessalonians 5:21


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