And we don’t even have to worry about wrapping it

“Do not neglect your gift”

1 Timothy 4:14



My mom and I attended a concert a few years ago, that included excerpts from the 9th symphony of Anton Bruckner, and in between, the conductor shared tidbits of information about Bruckner.  This symphony had been his last, and one critic of the time had said he composed it “as if he were trying to prove himself worthy to enter paradise.”

That got me to thinking.  Of course, we absolutely do not have to audition for heaven.  It is based on nothing other than sincere belief in Jesus as one’s Lord and Savior.  But let’s imagine you didn’t want to go empty-handed.  Each of us has been gifted by Him in some way, so don’t think of it as a talent show, but as a heaven-warming present.  What gift would you present… as your gift?

It might be something that the world considers a talent:  like performing or creating something.  Or it might be that which brings you joy.  Eric Liddell is the Scottish runner whose story became “Chariots of Fire.”  In the movie, he is quoted as saying, “I feel God’s pleasure when I run.”  When do you feel God’s pleasure?  What makes you feel alive?  Is it when you are working with children?  Or when you are out enjoying nature and all His creations?  And how can you make that joy of yours a gift to Him?   If you could do anything, say anything, be anything, how can you give that to Him?

And until that day comes, how can you make Him a part of that which is your passion?   If this joy is not already in your life, why isn’t it?  As long as you are on earth, receive the gift of your gift from Him, and revel in it.  Enjoy every aspect of it, for that is why He has given it to you.  And that is precisely why you should give it back to Him.




~ “Therefore I remind you to stir up

     the gift of God which is in you” ~

2 Timothy 1:6


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