Okay, that… was one of the most beautiful, painful, exhausting days in my memory… 


Pride, Joy, Appreciation, Wonder…


And did I mention exhaustion?


My baby girl graduated from high school today, and there just aren’t words. 


We started our day off together.  Both of us up at 3 am, unable to sleep.  So we sat up watching a movie until we both fell back asleep ~ her on the couch and me in my lazyboy.  It seemed like the perfect way to cap off our homeschool journey…  talking science at 3 in the morning, as she asked me why it had been necessary for Swigert to stir the oxygen tanks.


A couple hours later, we started our day.  Twelve hours after that, we collapsed into our chairs at home, looking back…. smiling a little.  But only a little because exhausting…


Homeschooling my daughter has been the most rewarding and most challenging long-term effort of my life.  She’s the one on whom I made the most mistakes, and she has risen above my errors.  I have taught her, yes, but she has also taught me. 


The most obvious effects are in her, obviously.  You can’t work your heart out for twelve years and not change and grow tremendously.  And she beautifully, wonderfully has.  But I’m different too. 


So, so proud… and so, so thankful.




~ “I have no greater joy than to know

          that my children walk in truth.” ~

3 John 1:4


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