A Summertime Quiz

“they wondered what the outcome would be”

Acts 5:24


Before Nicodemus could see the kingdom of heaven, Jesus told him that he must:

a.  be born again

b.  pay tithes of his goods

c.  give glory to God

d.  offer a lamb sacrifice


What did Jesus offer the Samaritan woman?

a.  physical healing

b.  glory and honor

c.  bread

d.  living water


How did Jesus heal the nobleman’s son?

a.  He touched his garment

b.  with a word

c.  He blessed the home

d.  with a sacrifice


What miracle occurred when Jesus said, “Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets.” ?

a.  the storm ceased

b.  an enormous catch of fish

c.  Peter walked on water

d.  Jesus fed them all


When did Nicodemus come to see Jesus?

a.  with the wise men

b.  on the Sabbath

c.  at night

d.  on the cross


Why did the Pharisees criticize Jesus for healing the paralytic man at the pool of Bethesda?

a.  the man was a sinner

b.  Jesus didn’t pray first

c.  there were too many witnesses

d.  it was the Sabbath


What was Matthew’s occupation?

a.  tax collector

b.  fisherman

c.  doctor

d.  teacher


What did the unfaithful servant do with his talent?

a.  sent it home to his parents

b.  bought food and wine

c.  gave it to the poor

d.  buried it


What is a parable?

a.  a story with a lesson

b.  a unit of money

c.  a scholar

d.  someone in need


Put the following in chronological order:

a.  Mary finds an empty tomb.

b.  Jesus attends His first Passover

c.  Jesus begins His earthly ministry

d.  Christ is taken before Pilate





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