An Appreciation of the Gift of Grace ~ and Quiz Answers!


“to each one of us, grace was given”

Ephesians 4:7



Chapter 4 of Ephesians is interesting to me, but then, I like dichotomies… In verses 3-6, Paul encourages unity among believers, teaching that there is “one body, one Spirit, one Lord and one Father. He is God and Father of us all, in all and through all.”


And after that passage full of words specifically chosen to convey inclusion, then Paul chooses a word that highlights individuality. His very next sentence begins with “But,” and that’s because he is beginning a beautiful passage about the gifts of the Spirit.


See, first we need to understand that we are unified in Him. No matter the depth of our sins ~ as evidenced by Paul’s own testimony ~ salvation is offered to all, with the exact same requirement: faith. And once we accept salvation, we are called to walk in the good works He has prepared for us.


Yet with all our unity, there is individuality, too. Paul doesn’t say, “to all of us, grace was given.” He says, “to each of us.” For while we all receive grace, it is according to each one’s gift. Evangelists, apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers… the gifts vary, as do the recipients, and so does the grace. Not the amount, mind you, and no one is lacking in its perfection, for the grace of God cannot be anything but complete. And yet perfectly suited to each of us; to our characteristics and our calling.


I find comfort in knowing that God does not judge me according to the accomplishments of others. Just as He said to Paul, so He says to each of us: “My grace is sufficient for you.”




Quiz Answers:

  1. a. be born again

  2. d. living water

  3. b. with a word

  4. b. catch of fish

  5. c. at night

  6. d. the Sabbath

  7. a. tax collector

  8. d. buried it

  9. a. a story

  10. b, c, d, a


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