Oh the wonder of it all…


“So God created”

Genesis 1:21



We took our family vacation last week, returning home on Saturday.  We drove up to Lake Tahoe, explored that area of California/Nevada for a few days, and then took the long way home, down the beautiful and scenic coast of California.  The wonders we saw were many, from untold numbers of flowers, to critters big and small (and land and sea)… shimmering lake and vast ocean, sunsets, lightning, a variety of trees and all manner of clouds. 


I read somewhere that travel should leave you speechless, and then make you want to tell people what you’ve seen, and today that seems especially true to me. 


So I hope you ~ and I ~ never lose our sense of wonder….


… For summer

… For sunrise

… For butterflies

… For trees

… For clouds

… For streams

… For courage

… For autumn

… For a sky full of stars

… For rainbows

… For the eyelashes and fingernails of a newborn

… For hummingbird nests

… For the first day of spring

… For selflessness

… For the prints of wildlife in the snow

… For snow-covered mountains

… For people who put you immediately at ease

… For fireflies

… For competent, kind people who do what you can’t

… For crashing waves

… For the beauty of leafless trees in winter

… For any mountains

… For lakes

… For a blue moon

… For all the parts of our bodies that work without our even thinking about them

… For woodpeckers

… For forgiveness


~ “And God saw that it was good.” ~

Genesis 1:21


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