Quit Looking for the Yellow Brick Road

“thoroughly equipped for every good work”

2 Timothy 3:17


I read a biography of L. Frank Baum once, and I’ve been thinking lately about something I read in it.  I love biographies; I’ll read almost anyone’s.  (Almost!)  I once read a book that was, essentially, “A Year in the Life of a Trout”.  I know, I know… but it was really interesting!  Sort of all the changes that goes on in and around a brook, over the course of a year.    There’s always something new to learn.   It’s okay… mock if you want to.  I can take it.

Anyhoo, I came across something that intrigued me.  The author was trying to explain all the details that made The Wizard of Oz catch the public’s imagination, and she pointed out that each of Dorothy’s friends is seeking something that really, they already have.  The Scarecrow “wants” a brain, but he comes up with clever ideas already.  The Tin Man “lacks” a heart, but he is gentle and empathetic already.  The Lion “needs” courage, but he bravely joins them in defeating the witch.  “The only thing the characters lack,” the author says, “is belief in themselves.”  That, is what the wizard gives them.

It got me to wondering how often we suffer from this.  What do we not do, for God and our fellow man, because we don’t feel qualified, or because we are afraid?  “I have never been trained”… “I couldn’t do it as well as she does”… “It’s not my gift”… whatever the thoughts that may be, that keep us down.   But the fact is, all we need is the Word of God.  Today’s verse says thoroughly equipped” and every good work”.  No excuses.  You already have whatever it is you think you lack.   The only thing missing is you recognizing that it’s not in your power, and then stepping out in faith.   You are thoroughly equipped ~ no matter what color your shoes are.


~ “All Scripture is God-breathed,

useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting,

and training in righteousness,

that the servant of God

may be thoroughly equipped

for every good work.” ~

2 Timothy 3:16-17


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