By the Bible Numbers


“These are their numbers”

2 Chronicles 17:14


Okay, so here are the answers from yesterday, and I decided to create a similar quiz with numbers in the Bible.  So let’s see how you do with this one.  Some of them are “gimme’s” but some of them are pretty obscure!

1.  Number of books that have only one chapter

a.  3

b. 8

c.  5

d.  6


2.  Number of books in the Old Testament

a.  39

b.  42

c.  66

d.  27


3.  Number of books that don’t include the word “God”.

a.  1

b.  2

c.  3

d.  4


4.  Number of times rainbows are mentioned in Scripture

a.  12

b.  19

c.  7

d.  4


5.  Number of earthquakes mentioned in the Bible

a.  60

b.  6

c.  70

d.  7


6.  Number of years of Hebrew slavery in Egypt

a.  300

b.  400

c.  700

d.  70


7.  Number of plagues on Egypt

a.  10

b.  12

c.  7

d.  3


Good Luck!  And here are yesterday’s answers…

26 = L of the A Letters of the Alphabet
7 = W of the AW Wonders of the Ancient World
1001 = AN Arabian Nights
54 = C in a D (W the J) Cards in a Deck (with the Jokers)
9 = P in the SS (if you CP) Planets in the Solar System (if you Count Pluto)
88 = K on a P Keys on a Piano
13 = S on the AF Stripes on the American flag
32 = DF at which WF Degrees at which Water Freezes
18 = H on a GC Holes on a Golf Course
90 = D in a RA Degrees in a Right Angle
200 = D for PG in M Dollars for Passing Go in Monopoly
8 = S on a SS Sides on a Stop Sign
3 = BM (SHTR) Blind Mice (See How They Run)
4 = Q in a G Quarts in a Gallon
24 = H in a D Hours in a Day
1 = W on a U Wheel on a Unicycle
11 = P on a FT Players on a Football Team
1000 = W a P is W Words a Picture is Worth
29 = D in F in a LY Days in February in a Leap Year
64 = S on a CB Squares on a Chess Board
1 = P in a PT Partridge in a Pear Tree
3 = M in a T (R a DD) Men in a Tub (Rub a Dub Dub)
2 = H that are B than O Heads that are Better than One
100 = P in a D Pennies in a Dollar


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