His Command Should Be Our Wish

“Your law is my delight”

Psalm 119:77


So… did you know…


That in Denver, it’s against the law to drive a black car on a Sunday.


In Minneapolis, it’s against the law to drive a red car on Lake Street.


In Montana, it’s against the law to leave a sheep unattended in your truck.  When I shared this with my daughter, she wanted to know if that means it’s okay to leave two sheep together in your truck.  I guess they’re not unattended in that case…


In California, it’s against the law to shoot a mammal from the window of your car.  Unless it’s a whale.  Then it’s legal.


In Oregon, the law states you must yield to pedestrians when you’re driving on the sidewalk. Good call, Oregon!


In Tennessee and Mississippi, it’s against the law for a woman to drive a car unless she has a male flagger walking in front of the vehicle.  If they’re afraid women are going to get in accidents, isn’t this male flagger in serious danger??


In Kansas City, it’s against the law to transport dead poultry on Kansas Avenue.  It’s also against the law to squeal your tires.


In California, it’s against the law to jump from a car that is going more than 65 mph.  Really?  But 60 mph is okay??


It’s also against the law, in California, for a driverless vehicle to travel in excess of 60 mph. So I guess you need to make sure you jump from your car when it’s going 55 or lower.



Recently someone said to me ~ and I may have mentioned it here ~ that Christians shouldn’t just obey God’s laws, we should understand why they exist.  I really liked that.  I came from a home where we very rarely heard the words, “Because I said so.”  My mom was far more inclined to explain her reasoning to us than she was to just demand unquestioning obedience.  Don’t get me wrong: obedience wasn’t an option.  But she never had a problem with explaining whatever she was telling us to do.  Or not do.  And I carried that same tradition on in my family, although my standard line to my kids was “First say, ‘Yes, Ma’am;’ then you can ask, ‘why?’”


We also have a running joke in our family, about being from Missouri.  None of us are, but we do have a tendency to reply to new information with an attitude of “Show me.”  I wouldn’t say that we’re cynical ~ really! ~ but I would say that we don’t take much for granted.  I remember years ago giving some fact to my husband, and he wanted to know where I’d gotten that information.  I couldn’t remember, cuz I had tucked it into my brain years before, but I assured him that before I held on to that fact, I thoroughly vetted my source and verified the fact.



God’s laws are sound, and His commandments are for our good.  But the beauty is not in knowing the ten commandments and trying to live by them.  It’s in knowing Him through His Word.  Then we will understand two things ~ that He is worthy of our obedience, and that He loves us beyond measure.  Understanding that will make us not just want to toe the line, but take joy in our faithfulness to Him and the blessings that will result.




~ “Observe and obey all these words which I command you, that it may go well with you and your children after you forever, when you do what is good and right in the sight of the Lord your God.” ~

Deuteronomy 12:28


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